Entrepreneurs Are Making Money Online

One of my friends who I graduated college with told me that there were a lot of ways that I could make money online. I said sure, there are so many different ads for companies that say they that they are going to get you to work online but they want you to actually pay to get the job. She told me that it was a real thing, that companies like www.directselecttv.com wanted to hire people to work online for them as they are able to pay people a lot to telecommute. I was really happy to see that there were a lot of companies that were willing to pay me to work at home. Working at home would let me claim my home office on my personal taxes. I could do this as long as the room was only used as a place for work, and I performed all my work in this space primarily. I knew that my third bedroom would be able to qualify for it as there was an office in there, and there was no bed.

My husband and I went online and read all the tax laws on the books that allow you to claim a room in your house for business. It seemed like it was going to be very easy to claim all of these deductions if I were to get the job that I applied for. I applied for a customer service position where I was going to be able to sign online and use my home phone to be able to answer calls that were made to the customer service hot line. Before I knew it, I was hired after the interviewer made sure I had good customer service skills and had all of the right technology to carry out the position.

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